When writing this post, I was thinking to myself that the word “values” is really old fashioned…”value” seems very serious or boring but in fact it is not!
When we founded Link Humans with Jorgen, we wrote down some key values for us, simple, authentic, credible…
Values that reflect who we are deeply, what we care for….

Values for us
And everytime we deal with something I try to think about these values. When we did the website, is this website aligned with our values (simple, authentic, credible…) ?
When I am with clients and I work on projects, I always have these values in mind.
It may sound ridiculous but it is very important to me.
Link Humans has an anchor: its values!
And it is also an anchor for me….I can put in front of these values everything.
I already said No to some clients because it did not fit into our values.

Years ago…
Values are my anchor, my reference, the point where everything starts.
A couple of years back, I used to think that values were pointless…it was made for a bunch of philosophers or charity people just to show off…and by growing and getting more mature, I realized that in fact values count.
Values are not a set of things written in the stone but something deep you relate to, and it is more the way you are going to interpret them.

But it helps you to remain true to yourself, and so to attract the people/clients aligned with that!

Link Humans is growing (up) now…we hired an employee and the question is how not to forget about our values while growing?!
And you, what are your values, what is important to you?


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  1. You’re right values are to be found In all your company from vision to Products, services way you manage AND communicate … IF thèse values are ont aligned In your whole company be sûre you’ll havé to face with big issues …But you may tead chat semioticians or semiologics ( i don’t Know The word for sémioticien ou sémiologue In english ) are saying about values because i’m afraid That you talk about values That they don’t CALL values… I hope it makes sense with my poor valued english language.

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