10 years ago, I was living in Brazil…ah what a life! I worked for a big (French) company in Brazil, Orange and then moved to north of Brazil.

And there I bought a car washing station….it was my first business.

But it was like throwing money away…I did not know what I was doing neither why I was doing it.

It was just something to do, something to build….but there was no meaning in it. I was 25 at the time.

I was throwing myself at things without thinking. And yes I did. I bought a car washing station with 8 employees from someone without checking anything.

The guy running it was honest but the business was built randomly…the business was not profitable and I was not interested in it.

After 1 year, I just left…and I lost all the money I had invested, not a big amount but something significant for me at the time.

10 years later, here am I, back to the entrepreneurship! The difference?

I know what I am doing but especially why I am doing it…I feel more mature and the experience I have learnt helped me in the process.

I think a great business does not come from a great idea but from a person who puts meaning in it…if it is a bad idea, this person will adapt its business model and will end up finding a good idea…it is all about the person!!

My piece of advice to succeed as an entrepreneur: start a therapy :)


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  1. Yannick HEBERT @ 2011-05-27 20:55

    A thalasso Therapy?

  2. Laurent Brouat @ 2011-05-28 00:41

    Why not? It would be a good start..:)

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