The elite of twitter

Twitter like the real world is creating an elite.

Only 1,35% of Twitter users have more than 500 followers, and the rest?

Yes twitter is creating a whole elite society where you have the high-ranked twittos and the others who only follow and read news. And the bigger this elite will be, the more difficult it will get to climb up the ladder.

And by the way, only 0,68% of users have more than 1.000 followers.

10% of users create 90% of content which makes sense with this kind of figures…

Creating an elite has different consequences:

1) it is getting more and more difficult to get at the top from scratch

2) reaching this elite is also more difficult as they are highly demanded and can’t say yes to everyone

3) it creates unfairness as their influence power can destroy or create brands, or help friends instead of others

4) it can inflate the egos of many of them (I have never seen so many egos wars in the online world)

5) elites tend to promote other elites, so the rule of repetition is on

Actually, twitter is a new medium but it mimics real life in all the good things (colloboration, exchange, help…) but also the bad things (egos, accessibility, despise, courtroom behavior…)

And for you? If you think of using Twitter as an information tool, that’s perfect. Now if you want to use it as an influence tool (unless you are already a famous brand), it can take more time than it used to be beforehand.

It is not because you are going to Retweet the tweet of some influencer that this person is going to thank you or follow you straight away.

It takes time and commitment, and most of the time offline meetings.

At Link Humans we sponsor the Social Media London, and the November meeting will be about Twitter with a famous twitter user (more info to come!).


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  3. Laurent:
    So true, there is an elitism about Twitter as their is an elitism necessary in managing a career. What I mean is that not everyone wants to be in the elite crowd. Being a good person with integrity leads the way.

  4. Laurent Brouat @ 2010-11-07 13:17

    Very true Hannah, but at the end of the day, it would be the case in an ideal world!

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