Luck and job search

You know what? Luck is crucial in your job search and career.

To succeed you need work, talent and skills, but you also need luck.

Luck is not something that happens randomly, luck is something you can develop and work on, Luck is a skill!

And luck in job search plays a huge part…you meet with someone in the lift and this person happens to be looking for someone with your skills.

The friend of your friend you met at a party mentions to you that he is looking for a partnership with a new company….and so on.

Luck is a skill you need to develop, here are 4 things you need to work on (these ideas are an extract from  Philippe Gabilliet Video):

  1. Curiosity and open-minded, you need to be curious and listen to people around you
  2. Networking once again…the more you will meet with people and create interactions, the more you will be exposed to opportunities, ideas, possibilities. But the secret here is helping others to achieve their goals, to be a hub between people and opportunities
  3. Acknowledge that being unlucky is part of life…the biggest achievements had their part of bad fortune, it is just life
  4. Anticipation: you need to be one step ahead, and think through

Luck in practice

One of my best friend has been looking for a job in Brazil…At the beginning he was very unlucky, he got nos after nos for all his job interviews.

Even with an experience of Working in Brazil, he struggled to get interviews. All his endeavors were unsuccessful.

So he started doing a low profile job as a sales person (before that he was working as a sales manager)…but he always remained open-minded and curious and talked about his dream of going back to Brazil to all his network.

So open-minded, networking, acknowledge the lack of luck…and after more than 1 year, an ex-colleague of a previous company heard of a position available in a subsidiary they were setting up in Brazil…and talked to him about the position.

By an extraordinary change of fortune, my friend knew 2 people in this company and these 2 people have a lot of influence within the company. He got the job after 3 interviews. It is luck but not only.

Luck is a skill that you need to develop over time. Curious, prepared, networking and knowing that failure is part of life (and failure teaches you lessons).


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  2. Great post which highlights how you can “get” lucky in a career..
    Reminds me of the quote…
    “We must believe in luck. For how else can we explain the success of those we don’t like?” Jean Cocteau

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