Branch out received a funding of 6 million US$ in September…and has been the talk of the town.

But do you really believe you can use Branch out to look for a job?

It is a tricky one….let’s see the pros and the cons. Personally I don’t believe that Branch out can really compete with Linkedin as it is not the same positioning.

Branch out:

- Branch out has Job board features, it will be free for you to post a job and share it…and it seems that companies also will have it for free

- Branch out will benefit from the high level of interaction on Facebook, the engagement people have and the time people spend on it. You can’t compare Facebook and Linkedin on that. Because of that the interaction on Branch out should be higher…

- 61% of Facebook users are more than 35…which means that Branch out is in the right target for a professional network. They are more likely to use a professional tool if they are 35 than if they are under 18!

- The base of potential users is obviously huge with 550 million members on Facebook (which does not mean once again active members!!) so the potential growth is important

- With Branch out you can only reach 2nd degree connection ie the friends of your friends, and it does not show the name of the friend of the friend working at your targeted company….so you need to ask her the introduction

Now my personal input on that:

1) A lot of people are using Facebook with a lot of personal information, so they obviously don’t want to have any potential recruiter to see that information

2) A lot is being said of Facebook…it is all about love or hate…Facebook is everywhere. But let’s not forget that Facebook is not a number of members but a number of active users. For example in my case, I have 180 friends, but the people who really post news and info on a regular basis are around 20 maximum. So active users and members is a different story and Branch out is on the same boat

3) Linkedin seems to be more boring than Facebook and the new feature Facebook groups may allow to differentiate your different groups of friends/colleagues/connections. But Linkedin is still a safer option as the positioning is clear!

We still have cases of people losing their job because of they forgot that they befriended their boss or colleagues after ranting over their company.

4) Linkedin is trying to boost the interactivity side of its website with Twitter style updates but it is still a bit boring…now I don’t spend so much time on Linkedin, I use it as a networking tool for specific goals. Obviously I spend much more time on Facebook. So What?

We can’t predict anything with social networks but what I can tell you is that they remain powerful tools especially to find connections, the friend of friends working in your dream company, they allow you to visualize the path.

What do you think of Branch out?

By the way, I set up a new company called Link Humans where we give consulting and training on how to use social media. My partner is Jorgen Sundberg, a famous blogger and expert in Social Media.

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  2. Randy Pitzer @ 2012-02-14 05:49

    Branch Out is really bad. Am I the only person who thinks facebook is a house of cards? Myspace went down.

    There has to be value and Branch Out is not even a mild attempt to compete with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best.

    Go count your money Mark Zuckerburger…luger. Household name like Jobs, Gates, Edison, Ford, Walton. Sorry.

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