Cash strapped

What is the worst thing when you run a company?

Having many invoices out and no money coming into your account…it is crap!

So here am I…with almost no money on my account as we need to pay first our employee and all the costs…

What to do?

Now I have to borrow some money from one of my friend just to cover my costs for 2 weeks…the delay to get this 6.000 £ in our account.

I am learning the harsh reality of business…Our prospects are amazing, I just signed a new deal with a huge corporation and they want to roll out our services across different countries…we have been getting more and more big clients in our portfolio. But the time to deliver and to be paid…it takes time.

What now?

Getting clients does not mean immediate money.

And I will get on the back of our clients. Cash is the key to any business…you never realise till it happens to you.

So now I rely on my lucky penny ::)) (you can see it on the picture)

My Plan

1) borrow £500 to one of my friend

2) get on the back of my clients to speed up the payment process

3) eat potatoes

4) play poker with my friends and hope to win

5) find a wealthy girlfriend

More seriously…

Cash is a big issue for any business that is the reason why we always tried to keep our costs as low as possible. We have been very clever, negotiating everything we could…and keeping a low profile.

A conference? We always try to get invited.

We use google calendar, google whatever…as long we don’t burn cash.

We hire (unpaid) interns to run Social Media London…it is a win-win situation as it gives exposure to the intern.

And by the way, I am playing poker tonight, wish me good luck!



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  1. good luck with poker laurent, win big for your business!

  2. Laurent Brouat @ 2011-06-19 12:27

    Thanks Joelle! Actually I did not win or lose any money yesterday evening…a bit disappointing though…

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