My good friend and LinkedIn specialist Lincoln Coutts talked to me about Michael Dell’s profile on LinkedIn the other day.

To be like Michael Dell on LinkedIn is to be exclusive (check his profile here)

What Michael did on his Linkedin Profile is to put a simple sentence:

“Please do not request to connect with me unless we know each other or have worked together”

He is being exclusive…And that is where the power of the network lies.

You need to be exclusive to accept only people you know in real life or people who bother to put a personal message explaining why connecting.

At the end of the day, LinkedIn allows you to leverage your physical network and if you have people you can’t trust in your netwok, how are you going to ask for an introduction to a LinkedIn contact?

Obivously in the case of Michael, as he is famous, he needs to protect himself from constant unsolicited messages.

But for you, simple user, the key fact comes from your ability to use your network on LinkedIn.

And what if your online network is filled with unknown people?

Time to discover the pleasures of exclusivity!

I run a workshop  on the 16th of February in London on How to use Linkedin…and I will be talking about exclusivity!


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  1. Laurent – your making me blush :)

    But you are so right make sure you personalise the messages you send, it is a great opportunity to start a conversation with someone you know.

  2. Laurent Brouat @ 2011-02-08 15:31

    You welcome Lincoln :)
    I think Michael is a great example that Social Networks need to start with people you actually know!

  3. Olivier Morel @ 2011-03-24 17:31

    Laurent, could not agree more on your point about accepting only requests from people you have actually met; I regularly turn down requests from people who come out of the blue… and I have also changed my setting with a similar message to that displayed by Michael.

  4. Laurent Brouat @ 2011-03-24 18:05

    Thanks for your comment Olivier…A good network relies on quality first, people you know you can ask for help!

  5. Yes! You must ask your friend to get introduced.

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