You see this picture?

It is Jorgen my business partner working in our new offices…

It looks good….professional and well located. We are in the heart of London, between Covent Garden and Holborn…for those who love shopping, perfect place. It is full of tourists though :) .

We have access to our small office, the kitchen, a meeting room…it is not big but full of light though.

And now?

I wonder sometimes if it is a good move. Are we taking an office for the fact of being seen with an office? Or are we taking an office to enhance colloboration between Jorgen, Cristina and me?

Probably the latter.

But at the same time, it puts pressure on us…we need to deliver…we can’t afford to let the costs of this new office put pressure on us.

When you grow, it is obvious to take an office…but is it that obvious?

The good thing for us is that we negotiated a deal with the consultancy renting the place…we deliver workshops and consultancies in exchange of this…so hopefully it should not cost us anything!!

AT the end of the day, I am quite excited with this new office…I shot this video…I speak in French so don’t worry…when I am excited, my mother tongue comes back.


I think having an office with everyone in it, is good for collaboration, exchanging ideas, getting ideas together…I will probably alternate between home work and office work…I love home working.

And moreover, we can run all our workshops from the meeting room (see there).

I was a bit worried about the real motivation…is this a vanity thing? To me a start-up should live with nothing, a computer and an internet connection should be enough.

You need to have the fighting spirit…and too much luxury can spoil it…hopefully it won’t be the case.



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  1. So nice !
    The name of the Company wich appears in your video remembers me something … :)

    It looks like a good place to work !

  2. Laurent Brouat @ 2011-06-02 16:17

    Apparently…you seem to know them, JC :)

  3. I’m sure this is just the first step of many for Link Humans! It’s a great place, happy to be part of the team.

  4. Nice office Laurent! I find it’s great to be in an office. Different mode, and more synergy with colleagues and exchange of ideas!
    Good going!

  5. Laurent Brouat @ 2011-06-06 13:04

    Thanks Karl…that is the whole benefit, exchanging ideas and getting more in 1 day

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